Dreadcore Productions recording studio is located in White Lake, Michigan.  I'm the owner and operator of this 2000 square foot commercial recording studio. I've been producing hit records for a little over 10 years now, worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and helped countless bands shape their sound. 






Clientele list....


-Warner Brothers Records
-Sumerian Records
-Ferret Records
-Earache Records
-Victory Records
-Eone Music
-Good Fight Music
-Fearless Records

-Emp Label Group

-InVogue Records
-I Surrender Records

-Standby Records


-Within The Ruins
-I See Stars
-King (810)
-Knights Of The Abyss
-And Hell Followed With
-Oceans Ate Alaska
-Kingdom of Giants

-Silence The Messenger

-Arise In Chaos
-Walking With Strangers
-Forty Fathoms
-Skies Of December
-Take Notice
-Once We Were Buried
-Last Of A Dying Breed
-Of Virtue
-Know Lyfe
-The Burial Plot
-All's Quiet
-Die Strong
-The Ancient
-It Lies Within
-Atlantis Chronicles 









I can take your mixes or mine and not only make it translate onto all systems but also make it as loud as other commercial albums all while sounding great.  I can also create ddp files for sending to duplication plants to press cd's.

I've been producing, recording and writing songs with bands for over 10 years now.  After working with hundreds of bands and helping many to land some record deals. I have a great grasp on how to take a project to the next level and I would love to help.

I take the audio files you recorded at the studio or home and I turn them into a punchy mix that sounds polished and professional. 


Are you a musician on a budget and want to track as cheap as possible at a nice place, well I can rent you the studio with one of my assistant engineers for a great deal. Or, maybe you're a producer/engineer looking for a studio with a large live room to track drums with some great gear and 32 inputs.